Central Education

Behaviour Strategies

Behaviour management at Central Education is based on the premise that the pupil’s own behaviour can improve, and that they create an environment in which pupils are encouraged to make the right choices regarding behaviour. 


There are many strategies within the school to support this process including:

  • Offering good role models.
  • Encouragement. 
  • Praise. 
  • The use of IEP's and IBP's.
  • "Time out"
  • 1:1 Support in making changes. 
  • Reward activities. 
  • Merit Certificates. 
  • Letters home.
  • Privilege Time.
  • Termly Awards.

When behaviour continues to be unacceptable, responses depend upon the knowledge of the individual pupil. A range of strategies is employed including:

  • Discussion of alternative behaviours. 
  • Encouraging the pupil to resolve the situation, by repairing damage for example.
  • "Time out"
  • 1:1 Support in class.
  • Loss of rewards.
  • Being taught separately from the class group.
  • Given warnings. 
  • Helping students to understand which behaviours will be sanctioned. 
  • Being given the opportunity to make up for missed work.
  • Inclusion of Parents/Carers/ Social Workers in resolution of behaviour issues.
  • Suspension, fixed term exclusion, and in extreme and rare cases, permanent exclusion.