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Brick Laying

Unit aim

This unit introduces learners to the hand tools, materials and personal protective equipment (PPE) used in bricklaying, and offers them opportunities to develop the skills needed to construct basic brickwork structures.

Emphasis is placed on the correct selection and safe use of the appropriate tools and equipment required to carry out basic bricklaying processes. Learners will be given the opportunity to practise the bricklaying techniques used to construct basic brickwork structures, and to use these techniques to construct a half-brick wall in an acceptable time. Although learners will work independently when constructing their half-brick wall, they will also function as effective members of a team by contributing to the maintenance of a clean and tidy workshop, and by working responsibly with others.

Learners will experience the practical skills associated with the production of brickwork, together with the knowledge required to underpin these practical skills. Learners must be allowed considerable opportunity to develop their knowledge and practical skills and this should be facilitated through extensive use of supervised practical workshop activities, allied to group teaching and demonstrations of the tools, equipment, materials, techniques and PPE involved. Learners and tutors are encouraged to view the unit as a ‘taster’, in that it gives the learner an opportunity to experience the type of work involved in bricklaying. All construction craft tasks are problems to be solved (often in three dimensions) with available tools and materials and within a given timescale. The solutions to the problems are the conventional techniques, methods and procedures that craftspeople have developed to address the work they face on a daily basis. Learners will need to discuss the materials, tools, equipment, PPE and techniques to be used with a responsible and competent person and should respond positively to any advice given. They should then select the tools, equipment, materials and PPE appropriate for the task in hand, and use these to produce the specified brickwork task.