Central Education

Code of Conduct


What we expect from our students:


  • Respect each other and yourself.
  • Be polite. If you cannot say something nice then do not say anything.
  • Listen to staff and respond positively to what they ask you to do.
  • Bullying of any nature will not be tolerated.
  • Keep your hands to yourself.
  • No play fighting.
  • No borrowing, swapping, or selling possessions without written parental/carer permission.
  • Behave appropriately on and off site.
  • All personal belongings to be handed into reception on arrival.
  • No sugary foods or sugary drinks to be brought into school.
  • No deliberate damage to property*
  • No alcohol or drugs*
  • Staff will not be responsible for personal possessions of students, unless handed into reception.



*May lead to police involvement.