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GSO Test

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Construction Painting

In this unit, learners will need to practise painting techniques and use them to paint a flat wall area.

Emphasis is placed on the correct selection and safe use of the appropriate tools and equipment required to carry out basic painting tasks.

Although learners will work independently when painting, they will also function as effective members of a team by contributing to the maintenance of a clean and tidy workshop, and by working responsibly with others. When preparing for work in the construction industry it is important that learners are able to seek and respond to guidance from colleagues and tutors during the learning process. This unit will help learners develop an understanding of the personal qualities that are valued by employers.

This unit will give learners their first experience of the practical skills associated with painting, together with any job knowledge required to underpin such practical skills. Learners must be given opportunities to develop their knowledge and practical skills through supervised workshop activities, group teaching and demonstrations of the theories, equipment and techniques involved. Learners will need to practise painting a wall of at least 2 m2, cutting into moulding, and also cutting beading or moulding using a mitre box. Tutors must demonstrate these skills and techniques. Learners will use the skills and techniques to produce the required assessment work. The most important requirement of the unit is that learners are given opportunities to practise painting techniques and procedures. To do this they must be able to recognise and select the tools, materials and PPE needed to work safely.

Tutors will, therefore, need to demonstrate correct selection and use of the appropriate hand tools, materials and PPE. They must also demonstrate the practical painting skills required and monitor learners’ performance as they practise their skills. They must correct poor practice and commend good practice. Tutors must encourage learners to ask for help and advice when it is needed and to maintain a clean and tidy workplace. Tutors should encourage the reliable, positive and enthusiastic response to learning that employers value in prospective employees. Learners and tutors are encouraged to view the unit as a ‘taster’, in that it gives the learner an opportunity to experience the type of work involved in painting. Outline learning plan The outline learning plan has been included in this unit as guidance.