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GSO Test

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Forest School

Our new Forest School project is in line with our current school ethos which focuses on developing a pupils personal, social and emotional development through a broad balanced curriculum.

In addition to the practical experiences and qualifications we already offer, (cooking, carpentry/joinery, bricklaying, art/craft, music, woodturning, bicycle mechanics and construction painting skills) we can now provide opportunities in forest skills crafts and woodland management.

The ethos behind Forest Schools is to allow children the time and space to develop skills, interest and understanding through a range of activities which provide practical, hands-on experiences in a natural environment. This then being incorporated into the core subjects, Maths, English, Science to provide a purposeful learning experience. The Forest School ethos is embedded in our Forest School Policy.

Children will develop new skills, play, learn boundaries of behaviour both physical and social, and become self-motivated.

Our woodland environment provides an encouraging, inspiring environment where children can learn using all their senses to explore and investigate the world around them where they can grow in self-esteem, worth, independence and confidence.

Forest School Policy