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GSO Test

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Btec Overview

Btec and Workshop opportunities overview


Art in KS3 is taught through a rolling scheme covering painting, printing, sculpture, sketching, collage and textiles. After presentation of the topic students will explore, experiment, evaluate and amend their ideas to produce a final piece from their sketchbook research.
KS4 students are offered the opportunity to study GCSE Art and Design with AQA examining board. Initially, a year 10 group are given a topic to explore but they are encouraged to make their work relevant to their own personal interests and experiences. They tackle a variety of media, particularly drawing, painting, printing and clay/3D work.

Vocational Studies

Students have the opportunity to engage in exciting and innovative projects which enable them to use their creative thinking and practical skills. Our pupils are taught to use a number of different tools to complete a wide variety of tasks/projects, skill (see below)

  • Carpentry
  • Joinery
  • Bricklaying
  • Construction Painting
  • Bicycle Mechanics
  • Woodturning
  • Motorbike Mechanics

Students are taught in a safe environment to use a range of different tools including saws and drills with increased independence as they become confident in using the tools.

Cooking Skills Btec Level ½

The courses, aim to teach pupils to cook but also make informed decisions about their health and diet. It is a progressive programme which focuses on their organisation, hygiene and safety, food preparation and cooking.

In KS4 pupils move on to complete a BTEC in home cooking skills – levels 1/2. This is a programme that was initially developed with Jamie Oliver and promotes cooking for yourself in a healthy, cost-effective way. It also focuses on essential skills, like stocking your store cupboard, fridge and freezer; knife safety; food safety and hygiene; shopping for food and planning ahead; preparing ingredients and understanding food labels.