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GSO Test

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For 2 lessons a week the timetable is collapsed and given over to pupil enrichment.

The programme draws on the interests and talents of our teachers and is a chance for pupils to enjoy pastimes that are beyond the confines of the examination curriculum.

The activities are carefully planned to ensure there is something to appeal to all pupils.

Enrichment runs in the school during the last lesson of the day every Monday and Wednesday and is an integral part of the curriculum. We believe that enrichment can extend the range of educational experiences for our pupils, broadening horizons, helping them to discover hidden talents, try new things and to promote their growing love of learning.

As well as being fun, the sessions are intended to raise self-esteem and confidence, develop skills in teamwork and independent learning, broaden their horizons and ignite a passion for a previously unknown pursuit.

We hope these activities will build our pupils self-confidence and encourage them to follow their interests outside school,  in addition to broadening their experiences making new friends facing new challenges and opening a door to a world of opportunities.

What is considered an enrichment activity?

Enrichment is not:

  • An activity that may be considered a mandatory element of a centre’s PSHE or pastoral care programme
  • An activity that may be considered a mandatory element of a course of academic study e.g. field trips, coursework, attendance at supplementary lectures etc.
  • An activity that leads, in part or whole, to a recognised academic qualification
  • An activity that may be considered part of preparation for application to post GCSE or post A-Level education

Enrichment is:

  • Sports
  • Music
  • Competitions
  • Work experience
  • Guest talkers
  • Workshop
  • Cooking
  • Non-curricular trips
  • Woodland
  • D of E
  • Charity/community work
  • Art/Craft
  • Computing (IT)
  • Reading
  • Creative Media

Why is Enrichment Important

  • Helps prepare a rounded child for the real world
  • Develops the individual and can focus their work effort
  • Shows commitment and belief in the student from the school
  • Build a CV and helps at Job and work experience interviews
  • Helps children get the most out of life
  • Provides links and opportunities to pursue interests outside school