GSO Test

GSO Test

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Options Afternoons

Over the course of this term our students have chosen to participate in numerous activities/trips, either as a reward or as part of the curriculum.

These visits provide extra stimulation in new environments which can be particularly beneficial and can help teach life skills, build on social skills, improve independence and self confidence.

These activities are rewarding and enriching for both student and teachers alike and can lead to better achievement , standards, motivation, personal development and behaviour.

The choices available reflect their own interests and in some cases the availability is a reflection of the students conduct in the week prior.

We are constantly refreshing  and reviewing the activities offered to give students new experiences to reflect their own interests and to encourage new experiences

This term, Jump-In favourite   off-site visit whilst on-site its is the common room, which provides a relaxing safe environment to just talk.

These activities help to promote healthy relationships, team building, emotional development, and also improve physical health and well-being