Central Education

Links and Networking

At Central Education we:




  • Work closely with Awarding Bodies to make sure that the qualifications are the most appropriate for our students at the school.


  • Work closely with local industries and employers to ensure that our vocational programmes of study meet their needs.


  • Work closely with local colleges.


  • Work closely with the local authorities, and support teams, to ensure that the best possible service is provided for our students and their parents/carers.



Networking Framework                          Outside Agencies


Plumpton College                                                       Child Services

Brinsbury College                                                       CAMHS

Crawley College                                                          Angling 4 Education

Camelia Botnar                                                           Speech & Language Therapist

Northbrook College                                                   Substance Misuse Team

Local Employers – Work Experience                       Youth Offending Team

                                                                                      Sussex Police