Central Education

Pupil and Staff Contributions

Pupils Contribution



 Pupils work towards our aims by:

  • Attending school regularly and punctually.
  • Being ready to attend lessons on time.
  • Conducting themselves in an orderly manner in line with code of behaviour known throughout the school. 
  • Taking a growing responsibility for their own learning. 


Staff Contribution



Staff contribution towards our aims by:

  • Providing a challenging and stimulating programme of work/study designed to enable all students to reach the highest standards of personal achievement.
  • Recognising and being constantly aware of the needs of each individual student according to ability and age. 
  • Ensuring that learning is continuous and progressive.
  • Maintaining an up-to-date knowledge of the National Curriculum.
  • Having a positive attitude to change and the development of their own expertise. 
  • Being good role models, punctual and well prepared and organised. 
  • Working collaboratively with a shared philosophy and commonality of practice.