Central Education

Student Charter


In order to ensure that every student is able to make the most of their time at Central Education, we have a Student Charter, which lists the rights and responsibilities that each student can expect to have.




Whilst I am a student at Central Education, I have the right to:




  • A mentor who is reliable and can be trusted to care for me.
  • To be accepted for who I am, and to be respected as a person.
  • To expect the adults caring for me to protect me from predictable and preventable harm, and to stop me from hurting others. 
  • To expect the adults who care for me to behave with kindness and understanding and to be fair and honest with me.
  • To have appropriate boundaries and controls on my behaviour.
  • To have my rights and property respected by other students and to respect theirs. 
  • To have a say in what happens to me and to be involved in making decisions and plans for my life, which are based on my personal circumstances and my individual needs. To know how to complain when things are wrong and to have my complaint heard and dealt with.